Why a charity anthology?

Somewhere in 2016 I decided to do a collection of my own short stories. This was to be called Dark Places, Evil Faces. But then my mum got cancer. It doesn’t matter what cancer she had, although at the time I didn’t really contemplate how bad it was, as months unfolded I knew it wasn’t good. So I wanted to make my book about her, and to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. I opened submissions and eventually the book was filled with amazing stories from equally amazing authors. It September 2017, Dark Places, Evil Faces was published by PS Publishing and launched at the Peterborough Fantasy Con where I sat side by side with Stephen Jones and Ramsey Campbell. I signed books and it was a fantastic experience. More importantly, it also raised over £700 for Macmillan and it keeps on giving.

Sadly, it March of this year, my mum (Elaine) passed away.

And then I decided to do it all over again. Dark Places, Evil Faces volume II was released October of of this year, but I wanted to work towards a different charity. Volume II is for Rethink Mental Illness. Everyone has their reasons why they do the things they do and I’m no different. Volume I was for my mum. Volume II is for my wife. She suffers from depression and that’s all I’ll say about that!

This is for you, babes!

So whether your genre is horror or not, both volumes are for some great and worthy charities. So why not click on the links and download then to your kindle?

Dark Places, Evil Faces volume II

Dark Places, Evil Faces volume I

Thank you!