Let’s take a break

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’m a bit rusty, so here goes!

Social media can be fun, but for the most part, a distraction. And it’s quite sad how much we spend on it, whether a it’s Facebook or Twitter or instagram or whatever it is you do. Sometimes it’s needed for promotional post, and it can be fun connecting with people. But it can also have a negative impact.

It’ll give more time to spend with the family and to be productive without distractions.

So with the launch of Dark Places Evil Faces Anthology volume II out of the way, what’s happening next? Well, I know what I’d like to do, but whether or not I’ll stick to the schedule is another thing! I hope so, but then again, like I always say—family comes first!

This is a charity anthology in aid of Rethink Mental Illness. If you like to purchase of copy, click HERE

People have asked if they’ll be a volume III. The answer is that I don’t really know. I want to concentrate on my writing from now on. It certainly won’t be next year, but perhaps 2020/21.

There are 2 projects that I’d like to complete for 2019. I’m really excited about these. One of which is my novel ‘The Room Underneath’. This is about a boy and his mother who move in with the mother’s boyfriend. But there is another room in the basement which is off limits. Strange voices are on the other side of the door. A diary is found in a wall cavity. The pages contain photographs and an account of a little girl who once lived there.

I’ve also like the idea of a short story collection, my own collection and not an anthology. So, ‘Within These Walls’ will be happening in 2019 too.

More to come later!

See yaz!