dfev2Happy New Year To You All!!!!!


Last year I pitched an idea to PS Publishing about an Anthology. All profits raised would be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. Much to my surprise, Editor Peter Crowther agreed to help me out, and so at the Peterborough Fantasy Con at the final weekend of September, Dark Places, Evil Faces was launched.

I enjoyed putting this together so much that the idea of a second was inviting. So, in the final week of 2017 I put out an open call for number 2. This however, may follow the intention of the first Anthology, available via digital and paperback, and not published through a publishing house. That is unless I can pitch the idea and be luck a second time round.

There will be a few changes with this one. For a start, Lisa Lee will be helping with the editing. In the first book, Tomislav Tikulin supplied the artwork, but was previously used in other project. This time, the artwork will be original, so it will be whatever craziness comes from his head.

Also, due to DPEV missing out on a Bram Stoker nomination because of the percentage of original stories, I have decided to only allow a trickle of reprints. I am wanting originals for this.


If you are wanting to submit a reprint, please be aware that original are needed at this stage and, although reprints will be considered eventually, they will be of less priority.

If you do send a reprint, please also send with it the publication date and where it’s been published.

What do I want from you?

Pretty much the standard format really. 12pt, Times Roman, Double spaced, Word document.

There is no theme for this.

Genre: Horror, Dark Suspense. I don’t want anything quirky and apocalyptic. Twilight references are a no, no! And nothing intended for a younger reader.

Word count: 5,000-10,000. Shorter stories will be considered, but not flash fiction or anything less than 3,000. There will be a sway at the other end too, possibly extended to 12,000. Anything longer or shorter will not be read and will be rejected.


1st August 2018. Although, if we get full fast, the doors will close. You are warned!!!

Where do I send?

All submissions to be sent to M.LUMBYSUBMISSIONS@GMAIL.COM.

Please subject the email as Submission.

For any other information please send to the same email, but subject it enquiry.

So, thats it! May 2018 ignite all your creative genius!

All the best to you all,



PS: This is a charity anthology so no person will make profit from it. The charity is not yet decided, although the cause is directed towards mental health.