Side tracked?

As a writer/author, speaking for myself, I easily get side tracked on what I’m trying to write.  I wrote a novel called ‘THE UNLIKELY KIND’ several years ago and had made a promise to myself to tidy it up in 2017. Alas, I got side tracked and ended up writing 2 novella and a novel instead. But I like to think that these things, these creative stirrings happen for good reason. Whatever that reason is I still don’t know.

Another project I had going this year was ‘DEAD PROTOCOL’: a kind of zombie story, which is a first for me. This is a novella and, again I had hoped to have it finished by the end of this year. But, you’ve guessed it, I got side tracked again.

Whether that’s just me and may not necessarily be a bad thing. But I am an indie writer so I will do what the fuck I like! That’s our gift—no deadlines, just personal goals. That said, I am serious about what I do and need to make a professional diary for 2018 and try and make my personal goals. Because I’ve a lot of ideas swimming in my head. Some may repulse you—I hope anyway. Some may keep you awake a few nights. But believe me when I say that in the coming years you’re in for a treat!