It’s been a while…

Erikson-Lees cov copyIt’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. So I just wanted to tell you the stuff that’s happened. As people might know, at the end of September, Dark Places, Evil Faces was released at the Fantasy Con in Peterborough. There, I might some fantastic people, some of you Facebook buddies, other childhood heroes. I had the honour of sitting to the right of Ramsey Campbell in a signing session at the Con, something that I would never have thought possible. He was awesome to speak with, mad as a hatter, but a down-to-earth man. He had time for everyone. I was sat on Stephen Jones left thinking that this was totally unreal. We were waitered on free alcohol, too, so I was in heaven.


I also had the chance to meet Peter Crowther, my Publisher, and his fantastic wife, Nicky. Two amazing people who believed in the Anthology, had the courage to publish the book where by all profits would be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. So to download the ebook and buy the hardcover click on the link below!

Download Dark Places, Evil Faces

22219683_1326621997446628_2355371570406756868_oI met up with some contributors to the Anthology. Adam Nevill was there too, at the launch of DPEF, along with his own launch, Hasty for the Dark. Justin Park was brilliant, although shorter than I expected. Had a good chat with Lee McGeorge–really easy to speak with and full of life! Duncan Bradshaw was there too (sadly not part of the Anthology) although I didn’t really get the chance to talk. Had a great selfie with him and Adam Millard though!

I am hoping there will be a second Anthology sometime next year or 2019. Who knows!!

Within these pages you will find tales of horror, and dark fantasy; something for every appetite from some of the finest exponents of their craft.

  • Introduction—Shaun Hutson
  • I Love You—J.R. Park
  • Late Shopping—Brian Lumley
  • Lady in Waiting—Ken Goldman
  • At the Patio Door—Vincent V. Cava
  • The Box—Richard Chizmar
  • Rabid Squirrels in Love—Jack Ketchum
  • Tube Head—Lee McGeorge
  • The Cure—Elizabeth Engstrom
  • Underbed—Graham Masterton
  • The Good Father—Mark Lumby
  • The Straw Man and a Murder—Jeff Menapace
  • Apartment 11—Michael Bray
  • In Sheep’s Clothing—Alex Laybourne
  • Eater—Peter Crowther
  • Worse Than Bones—Ramsey Campbell
  • To Catch a Killer—Matt Hickman
  • The Dark Net—Jeff C. Stevenson
  • Thank You, Thad—Susan Murrie MacDonald
  • The Keeper—Edward Ahern
  • Upping the Production Values—Ken MacGregor
  • No Tomato—Jeff Strand
  • Wendall Lane Diaries: You Shouldn’t—Vincent V. Cava
  • Seek—Stuart Keane
  • To Forget and Be Forgotten—Adam L.G. Nevill
  • Born Bad—Mark Parker

You will definitely find something for everyone within these pages.


I’m holding a few freebies on Amazon too. So if you haven’t read my stuff, look me up on Amazon! My books will be free until Tuesday 14th November so better hurry!

Rats in the Loft

Bag of Buttons

Most of Me

What’s next?

I am writing a story called “The Debt”. It’s a little bit different and, I suppose, a bit harder than my usual stuff. I won’t give spoilers but there will be demons and cannibalism, some scenes that will really shock and disgust you too!

img_5942This, I was hoping, would be out this year; it might still be. Although, I think realistically it will be one for 2018.

December the 10th will see the release of another short story, Lord of the Harvest. It will be going out on pre-order shortly, so look out for that!

See ya!