MrCreepyPasta and YouTube

Counting down the 13 days to Halloween, and to promote the Dark Places, Evil Faces Anthology, Vincent V Cava very kindly handed over a selective number of stories from the Anthology to be narrated and read out to over 1 million subscribers. This would not have happened without the narrative talents of MrCreepyPasta. To MCP […]

Side tracked?

As a writer/author, speaking for myself, I easily get side tracked on what I’m trying to write.  I wrote a novel called ‘THE UNLIKELY KIND’ several years ago and had made a promise to myself to tidy it up in 2017. Alas, I got side tracked and ended up writing 2 novella and a novel […]

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. So I just wanted to tell you the stuff that’s happened. As people might know, at the end of September, Dark Places, Evil Faces was released at the Fantasy Con in Peterborough. There, I might some fantastic people, some of you Facebook buddies, other childhood […]