Rats in the loft

So, I’ve got another shortish story for you. This one, I suppose, is a little less horror and more suspense with a paranormal twist.

I hadn’t planned for this story to come out so soon because I had actually scheduled to complete my work of the Unlikely Kind novel.

You can pre-order it now for 99p and is available from the 12th July. Click here to buyA special thanks goes to Lisa Lee for editing the story.

Here is a sample which I hope you will enjoy enough to read the rest!

I could nearly reach the bag. There was that unusual smell of decay again made stronger by the humidity in the loft. I stopped and tried to sit down, collect my thoughts as my eyes adjusted to the darkness that wrapped around me like a blanket. I removed the torch from my teeth and ran the light over the refuse sack, matted with fine dust and dotted with finger prints. The soil that had poured from the split hole was indeed old. But now I was close enough for my mind not to play tricks on me and I saw the true shape of the sack. I concentrated the light on the ripped plastic and I realised something that couldn’t be what it looked like. But I feared that it was. I could feel the base of my stomach bubble inside. Acid started to rise, and it just about reached my mouth, but I swallowed it back down, putting my hand over my lips as though this was enough to stop me from being sick. For now, it was.

I shuffled closer to the bag, close enough to touch and peel the plastic wider with my finger and thumb. More soil spilled out, crumbling like dust. And the more I widened the hole I could feel myself become clammy and cool, the sick rising into my mouth, only this time it wasn’t stopping. I bent to the side and coughed up undigested toast, wiped my mouth and stared back at the small foot.

I dropped the torch onto the wooden laminate, but it bounced and landed facing the sack. I glared at the foot for a long while, unable to speak, the sack in the spotlight not giving me the pleasure of forgetting. The foot had no skin; it was bone.

A skeleton.

So that’s it! If you want more go to the link above of buy it from Amazon.