Sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself whether its worth investing your money in the services of an editor–a good editor. Costs fluctuate from the reasonable to the obscene, charging on word count or number of pages or on the time taken to edit your manuscript.

For myself, I wish I could afford editor services, but to be honest, I don’t sell that much to justify spending that money. You could argue that if your work is edited correctly then the writer would achieve increased sales. But what if that wasn’t the case. What if its edited to form something epic.

For me, I think a clean and tidy edited manuscript forms a credible reputation for future sales and books. Because the authors name is a brand and if that brand is know to produce tatty and untidy work, then news spreads like wild fire, and their name isn’t much of a brand.

Personally, I truly wish I could afford the services. I have a large family. We need all the money we can get, so to spend their money on something, which for them is just a hobby, but for me a potential future, wouldn’t be fair on them. I’m not a selfish man.

Maybe one day, once I start selling more, I will acquire the services of an editor. Because they do make your work shine.


In the mean time, check out my latest short story! I don’t think I’ve done too bad with the editing!   download Bag of Buttons from Amazon