A little peekaboo!

So, my short horror story ‘Bag of Buttons’ has been out for 3 weeks now. It reached number 13 in the horror short story category and has managed to hang around the top 100. To those you bought it, a massive thank you. To those who reviewed it, a big hug from me! 

But some might speed past this story in Amazon and think it’s just another story from another unknown author. Why should I buy it? And you’d be right! No reason why you should. But try me out. Think twice before you pass the curser straight by my book. 

Here is a little excerpt from the opener:
Ella was nine when Molly had died. It wasn’t a malicious death, nor was it an illness. It was old age. Molly was fourteen. In cat years, that made her seventy-two. She had been placed in a non-ceremonial cardboard box, shrouded in a black bin liner, a shallow grave behind the shed at the bottom of the garden. A white stone stolen from the beach marked her grave.

     Ella had hoped that one week was enough for decomposer to take hold. She hid herself behind the garden shed, removed the white stone and the handful of dead daffodils, fell to her knees and began to delve her fingers into the moist soil. She scraped cardboard, which had been made mushy by the soil, and excavated around it so that she could open up the box without being filled up with soil. 

     The bin liner clung tightly to Molly. She seemed to breath, and for a moment, Ella thought she was still alive. She carefully placed her palm on the top of the shroud; her hand was trembling and she was red with excitement. There was movement underneath the plastic, but Molly wasn’t alive. Licking her lips and positioning herself perfectly, Ella put her other hand over Molly. Again, something moved and Ella giggled until she silenced herself, cupping her hand over her mouth, checking around the garden shed to see if her parents were listening. She couldn’t think of a better place right now, and if her parents had caught her, had stopped her from this perversion, then she would never have forgiven them.

     Ella returned to Molly and scooped her from her coffin. She had expected her to be floppy and not the rigid body she placed on the soil. She poised her fingers over the black liner and delicately began to peel away at the plastic. She was surprised that a little warmth emitted from the hole she had made, and a stench that was unusual. But Ella didn’t mind the smell. She didn’t like it, though it was tolerable. 

     Tabby fur poked through the plastic. Molly was still soft. Ella had expected to feel bone. Her fur was slightly greasy. Ella ripped open the liner, slid her hands underneath Molly, maggots spilling from holes where eyes once accommodated. For a moment, the wriggling under her fur made Ella shiver, and she felt nauseous. It quickly passed though. As she stared at her cat, getting used to the movement and smell, a thought fluttered through her mind.

     A curiosity.

     She knew that she had to know. She had to know how Molly felt, the wriggling, the bones, the blood; she wanted to be apart of her, inside of her. Ella spotted a piece of glass shattered to a triangular shape. It was rounded on one edge, but on the other two it seemed sharp enough. She took the glass, cleaned it, although she didn’t know why, and pressed the point against Molly’s stomach. As she sank the glass through her fur and skin, more smells were released, even worse than the first. The stench of putrid meat enveloped her like a cloud. But again, it was tolerable. There wasn’t much blood, impossibly thick and not at all warm. But Ella enjoyed the feel, rubbing the wet between finger and thumb. She even dared to smell it.

     Ella left the broken glass next to Molly. The cut into her belly was large enough. Maggots poured from the incision, wriggled onto the liner like blind fish swimming in the black sea. She scrutinised her fingers as though they were something beautiful, both red and black with blood and dirt, and she inserted them one by one into Molly. Ella shut her eyes, drowning her fingers and hand deeper. She smiled.

     And in her thoughts, she was slipping into ecstasy. 


So if your interested click Buy and go straight to Amazon! It’s only 99 pence! That’s the price of a cheese burger!