On writing…

This isn’t a blog trying to mimic what Stephen King did with his book ‘On Writing’. I am no where near experienced enough to offer either advice or support in the field of literature, so I won’t even make a daft attempt! 

But I would like to share some thoughts; isn’t that what a blog is all about? 

First up: I like writing; I love it! I don’t make any attempt to suggest that I’m a best selling author or even a good author. What I do is keep on writing, and enjoy the moment. That’s what it’s all about, enjoying what you do. Because let’s face facts, as much as I would love to write novels as a career, barring a stroke of extraordinary luck, that goal is so far over the horizon that I still probably won’t be able to see it when I’m 60! But we indie authors plod on, we write, we dream. 

Secondly: We are not going to make serious money from publishing through Amazon unless we strike it lucky, which I will have more chance of finding a gold bullion in the far reaches of my daughters trinket drawer. 

Thirdly: For the moment, it’s a hobby. Treat it as just that. But you know what. Don’t let anyone take it away from you. If you like what you do, keep on at it. I love it! I mean I really really do love writing!


One thought on “On writing…

  1. I agree and thank you for your suggestion that the writing for us is a dream because life is also a real dream, and only luck will make the dream a reality. However, all of that are not our concern as long as we like to write.


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