So, what’s happening?

Well, not as much as most indie writers out there who seem to be placing submissions everywhere at the moment. I will get to the point where I’m writing more, but unfortunately I’m not at the stage where I’m writing 3 books a year! I’m a slow burner! 

But what I have written this year is a short story called ‘Lord of the Harvest’ which I submitted to Matthew Cash charity anthology by the name ‘Hymnbook’. The paperback is out now, or download the ebook from 14 June. 

Click Hymnbook for information.
I also released the large short story ‘Bag of Buttons’ and is available at Amazon for download.

Click Bag of Buttons for more information.
The novel ‘the unlikely kind’ is still being edited but I really want to get this one out there.

But next up will be another short story called ‘Rats in the Loft’ followed by ‘Dead Protocol’, an alternative zombie story.

Come Halloween there will be a treat in store for both readers and the writers involved when Dark Places Evil Faces Anthology is released. 

By the end of the year I’m hoping to have a short story collection out there but only if my slow burning creativity doesn’t burn any slower!