Sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself whether its worth investing your money in the services of an editor–a good editor. Costs fluctuate from the reasonable to the obscene, charging on word count or number of pages or on the time taken to edit your manuscript. For myself, I wish I could afford editor services, but […]

A little peekaboo!

So, my short horror story ‘Bag of Buttons’ has been out for 3 weeks now. It reached number 13 in the horror short story category and has managed to hang around the top 100. To those you bought it, a massive thank you. To those who reviewed it, a big hug from me!  But some […]

On writing…

This isn’t a blog trying to mimic what Stephen King did with his book ‘On Writing’. I am no where near experienced enough to offer either advice or support in the field of literature, so I won’t even make a daft attempt!  But I would like to share some thoughts; isn’t that what a blog […]

So, what’s happening?

Well, not as much as most indie writers out there who seem to be placing submissions everywhere at the moment. I will get to the point where I’m writing more, but unfortunately I’m not at the stage where I’m writing 3 books a year! I’m a slow burner!  But what I have written this year […]