Where did they all go?

In the late eighties and early nineties a young boy walks into Waterstones to look at all the new release short story magazines. He searches the shelves searching for the right genre. He by-passes the mystery and crime magazines, the graphic comics, the science fiction, and he stumbles upon the horror section. He picks up the latest edition of Cemetery Dance magazine, takes it to the desk, pays and takes it home. When he got home he thought thumbed through the pages, not stopping until he read the last page. When finished he would sit back with a smile on his face but hiding curious and inspirational thoughts in the back of his brain. But unlike a man who had feasted on the largest meal, this boy was still hungry. 

Cemetery Dance Magazine


I now go into Waterstones as a man and the shelves are filled with gossip magazines! You may find a couple of short story magazines, but let’s be honest, this is very rare. But I don’t want any genre; I want horror, terror, words that will scare! It’s so sad that these are all gone!

Two of my favourites, A Third Alternative and Cemetery Dance are still available online but I do miss those a days when you could stand in everyone’s way as you flick through the magazine before you buy.

7ba13f495bb2c46da8afda37b1c32088The 3rd Alternative Magazine