Self published authors

As a self published author, do we even have the right to call ourselves authors or writer or whatever you wish to call us. I am a self published author and proud of it. But that isn’t to say I would scoff at the idea of being published…officially? But let face it, its not going to happen any time soon. So here I am stuck in the self publication category and being frowned upon like I am talentless, uncreative and should be thrown in the rubbish heap of bad writers! But that’s just my own paranoia shouting back. I don’t know, perhaps I am a bad writer with bad ideas. But do you know what, people? I like it. No! In fact I freakin love it! It make my heart beat so loudly that it gives me headaches. And that’s just that writing part. I am creating a story here! And whether it’s good or bad, it’s my story.

my story!

no one else’s but mine. I own it!

So whether it’s good or bad, I am happy doing what I do. And I may never be published. But if I keep on going…keep on writing and creating new stories…keep on loving what I do…being published is an absolute bonus!



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