I have been wanting to write a story about zombies for some time now. But it can get dangerous choosing the right plot, something that doesn’t scream ‘CLICHE!!!’. After all, you’d think there wasn’t much you could do with zombies apart from being attacked and striking them hard across their heads. And let’s face it, you need to strike those little fuckers hard because they are dead and they will keep on getting up! But isn’t that the cliche? It’s a good story, but again and again and again….

I didn’t want to do it like that; I respect the reader too much. So what can I give them that they haven’t had before? Something that doesn’t contain the usual blood and gore (well maybe just a little). I thought about it for a long time. Or at least I’d like to think I’d put that much effort into it. The truth is I didn’t need to think for long because scratch the surface, I knew what the story needed.

So I’m hoping that my zombie story, which hasn’t yet been finished, will do justice to the zombie genre (is there a zombie genre?). ‘Dead Protocol’ will be finished soon. And who knows, it may show it’s ugly face in my charity anthology ‘Dark Places Evil Faces’.