Dark Places, Evil Faces Anthology

Ok, here’s an update on how the horror anthology Dark Places, Evil Faces is going. Well, there are some amazing authors helping me out here with short pieces of horror fiction. Some of the writers are masters of horror. I am really looking forward to seeing what Graham Masterton can write for me, and I already have stories from Ramsey Campbell and Brian Lumley. Shaun Hutson has agreed to contribute and I have received a new work of fiction from Elizabeth Engstrom, who also has an adaptation movie release this year.

I have just read a fantastic story called ‘lady in waiting’ by Kenneth C. Goldman. A brilliant story that will leave you wanting to read it again!

The cover artwork has been designed by Tomislav Tikulin and here I given you a sneak preview. baal-2

I think it just about sums up the book really!

PS Publishing will be publishing the book and I’m hoping, if things go to plan, then ALL stories will be with me by end of November for the editing process to begin. The release (and again, I am hoping! Nothing is official yet) will be February-March, although the digital version should be available sooner.

If there is anything more to tell, I will let you know.

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