Most of Me will be FREE on Monday

For this Monday I will be offering my novel for free for 24 hours. So download your copy while you can! If you would take the time to review the book that would be great! There will be more promotions shortly so if you miss the chance to get this free book, I will tell […]

A Girl called Strange

This was a short story I wrote quite a while back. It needs editing but when it’s finished I hope for it to be released as a freebie. I remember reading the first draft to my dad and his reaction was priceless. And I quote ‘and you wrote that Mark? Because you’ve got something wrong […]


Released sometime next year (2017) is a story that I’ve had for a long while. It’s not finished, no where near, but the idea is implanted in my consciousness and once I start typing it will be complete in no time. But to give you an idea of how it goes, I’m working on how […]