Work in Progress – the structure

I think it was about 25 years ago when an idea was born. It was the time when I started writing. The idea was big, far too big for a novice writer. But I was stubborn and needed to write it down. I sent it away to Harper Collins Publisher (not just the first chapter […]

Which is the most popular genre?

A question I certainly think about a lot is what are people reading: romance, horror, comedy, thriller? I am a horror/thriller writer but I always entertain different genres. After all, life isn’t all horrific! But which genre tickles your curiosity? I’d like to know so if you leave a comment, it would be interesting which […]

The Unlikely Kind update

My new novel is scheduled for release at the end of this year. I have made a few changes to the original which I’m sure you’ll all find interesting, although, hopefully not too disturbing. I started this story around 15 years ago, finished it and boxed it away partly because I was going through a […]

The Sandman

Joe was jaded and bewildered when he woke; maybe it was the blazing feverish heat pounding on his exposed skin, sizzling his sweat like hot oil. It could have been reality sinking in; or it may even have been the shrapnel tormenting his inner thigh. His sleep seemed timeless; so long that he could hardly […]