How to be a successful YouTuber.

YouTubers appear to be popping out from nowhere. Some will try and keep on trying…and keep on trying…and eventually fail. These are the ones that have to face reality and source out a real job…probably stacking shelves in their local supermarket. But for the few, being a YouTuber is a highly profitable career to be heading towards. And by profitable, I’m only assuming based on the cars they supposedly drive (KSI and his Lamborghini to name only one).

But surely being a successful YouTuber isn’t based purely on luck. My children are dedicated watchers of online video, whether its opening packs of fifa16 cards or kinder surprise eggs, or just reviewing the latest toys, dolls and gadgets, they just seem to be glued to the YouTube app.

So how easy is it to be a successful YouTuber? Well, in truth, I don’t know for sure. But based on what I have seen watching over my children shoulder, I have compiled a list.

1: First off (and I think this is absolutely essential), to be successful you need to start between the ages of 14 and 17. This is because 14 is the age where dreams start to come alive and 17 is where reality of a real job creeps into you subconscious. At 17 is either now or never!

2: You MUST have rich parents, or a rich Uncle or anyone that is rich to fuel your hobby. This will be explained in #3.

3: Equipment costs money. Yes…to be a YouTuber, it won’t be easy, not unless you have access to some serious cash. I’m really no specialist here, so I’m assuming that firstly you would need a good computer. Then after that, a camera or two, sound equipment like microphones and headsets. And, of course, you need the time, which is free…for a 14-17 years old anyway. That is also why there are age restrictions to being a YouTuber.

4: Because you parents are rich, they probably not in the house whilst you’re free to do your recordings; obviously they’re too busy making the cash to buy the equipment, which lets face it, as a parent, they won’t have the foggiest what they’re buying.

So privacy is essential, which you’ll have an abundance of!

5: Hows your throat? Because as a YouTuber you need the potential to be VERY!!! loud. Scream as loud and as randomly as you can at the camera to get those likes and subscribers and comments. The louder the better. Just have some cough syrup at hand just in case your throat feel a bit fragile.

6: And because you need to scream at the camera, it is also essential that you DONT have neighbours. If your serious about being a YouTuber, ask your rich parents to build you a studio at the bottom of the garden.

7: Use social media until you’ve squeezed every bit of juice out of its balls. The most important thing for Twitter is that you follow as many people as you can, allow then to follow you back, and then unfollow them! You cannot be seen with more followings than followers!


I’d like to issue a disclaimer. I have nothing against YouTuber: I wish I could earn mega £££, but I’m not and I don’t. My children are big fans, and I must admit, I am guilty in watching a bit of Stampylonghead.