Fears of being published

There are fears of being published from all angles, whether its through a publishing house or self publishing. Amazon is one of the self publishing companies which I have decided to work with. But not having anything released before makes the hairs on the nape of my neck stand out. Why? Well, you read other authors work and can understand just how they became published, although a few not as successful as others. When I write, I am writing the story for myself; its my voice in my head reading it back. So what I see in my imagination isn’t necessarily what other readers might see. This is the scary part, because what if the story isn’t as good in some other readers mind. What if its scrap, and should line the bottom of a waste paper basket? And this is the harsh world of a writer…or at least someone who is try to be one. And that is why you need an independent critic to give you there interpretation of your story. After all, if they had to explain back to you what your story was about, there version could be totally different. And thats not good, because as a writer, you must try and use a universal language that is both easy on the eye and not too complicated in the mind. You need the reader to see what you see, read what you read. If this doesn’t work, then maybe you’ve failed. And if you are serious about becoming an author, you need to expect the unexpected. I asked Graham Masterton, author of the Manitou, to proof read Most of Me. He gave useful advice where it was needed. One opinion that stuck in my mind was that he accused the story of being ‘hackneyed’. But most of his review was promising, and when he said that I was a good story teller, I knew that Most of Me had to be rewritten. Graham gifted some ideas and I adopted them in part. Ultimately, I feel that this feedback from a truly talented horror writer gave encouragement, and the outcome of the rewrite, in my eyes, was essential. Now the story is complete and the fourth draft is nearly finished I feel confident that some readers will like it!

But there is always the fear that they don’t!!!!!!