How to be a successful YouTuber.

YouTubers appear to be popping out from nowhere. Some will try and keep on trying…and keep on trying…and eventually fail. These are the ones that have to face reality and source out a real job…probably stacking shelves in their local supermarket. But for the few, being a YouTuber is a highly profitable career to be […]

Fears of being published

There are fears of being published from all angles, whether its through a publishing house or self publishing. Amazon is one of the self publishing companies which I have decided to work with. But not having anything released before makes the hairs on the nape of my neck stand out. Why? Well, you read other […]

Most of Me

This will be my first novel to be released through Amazon. The release date is expected for  the Spring 2016. As yet, there is no official date, just an approximate. The story centres around a house on the outskirts of Jacobs Wood, situated somewhere in New England, USA. Buried beneath the bowels of the basement […]